EN.SURE Distributed Temperature Sensing – Monitoring of Overhead Lines

  • The temperature sensor element is a passive optical fibre that is integrated into the core of OPPC (optical phase conductor). This enables a wide range of sensor applications.
  • Via joints and high-voltage fibre optic uncoupling devices, the fibre is linked to an EN.SURE evaluation unit where the distributed temperature profile is recorded and can be further processed.
  • Alternatively, the fibre optic cable can be helically applied on phase conductors. A specially designed spinning machine is used to wrap the cable under controlled conditions.

One example how to apply the external sensor cable can be found here:


Bus Bar Monitoring of Seoul Finance Center – Ensure power supply of modern office buildings

LIOS DTS bus bar monitoringSeoul Finance Center (SFC) is located in the central business district of Seoul. In the heart of Seoul adjacent to historical Korean palaces, SFC is one of the most prestigious prime office buildings, occupied by leading financial and international companies.

As a 30-floor office building fully occupied with companies and multi-storey shopping mall in its basement, SFC has high and dynamic energy demands. The electricity is transmitted through bus bars, installed from underground control center up to the top, to supply the power for lightening, air-conditioning and other facilities.

Due to heavy load conditions of the bus bar, the temperature of the bus bar also changes dynamically – during day time when air conditioning is on, the temperature keeps stable but as long as air conditioning is shut off, the temperature may rise even to dangerous levels which might lead to malfunction or even fire.

Knowing these conditions, SFC decides to use LIOS latest EN.SURE system, a distributed temperature sensing system deploying fibre optic cable, to monitor 24/7 online temperature of the whole bus bar. The system is totally immune to Electromagnetic Interference and thus can be easily installed along the entire bus bar.

With the help of LIOS visualization software Charon, the operator can easily and clearly see the whole temperature profile as well as the independent zone information on the monitoring screen. And once the system detects some hotspots, it will give alarm on the screen and provide hotspot information like pinpoint of the location and exact temperature.

The key advantages of using LIOS EN.SURE rather than traditional temperature sensing systems are:

  • Long measurement range – up to 20KM using multimode fibre and 40KM using singlemode fibre per channel
  • Purely passive sensor unaffected by rough conditions and electromagnetic disturbances
  • Rate-of-rise and fixed temperature alarm criteria – high sensitivity without false alarms
  • Alarm parameter can be optimized according to the real site conditions
  • Independently adjustable alarm parameter sets per zone
  • Real distributed temperature profile along the sensor cable – with visualization software
  • Enhanced data visualization for the easy overview
  • Maintenance-free

With LIOS EN.SURE temperature monitoring solution, we provide the safe and effective power supply of a modern office building.


Gathering of Global Cable and Wire Companies: Advanced Power Technology and Equipment to be Presented in Shanghai

LIOS China Shanghai

LIOS Technology is pleased to cordially invite you to attend the EP Shanghai Technical Exhibition:

Organized by China Electricity Council (CEC), the 9th International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology will be held during 30. October – 1. November 2013 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Date   30. October – 1. November 2013
Venue Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai, PR China LIOS Technology Hall 1 Booth M48

LIOS Technology introduces its new  EN.SURE DTS generation for Distributed Temperature Monitoring of Energy Transmission and Distribution Systems.

LIOS EN.SURE offers exact dynamic cable rating based on the real time temperature measurements along the entire cable circuit.

One single  EN.SURE evaluation unit provides fast temperature sensing profiles with high spatial resolution along the optical fibre routes with monitoring ranges up to 40km per channel. It is the first maintenance free DTS which comes without any moving parts like fans or shutters.

EP China / EP Shanghai, established in 1986, is the only power event organized by China Electricity Council with annual rotation in Beijing and Shanghai in alternate years. EP is the most influential and the leading brand exhibition of electric power industry in China, which plays an important role for technological exchange and the development of China electric power industry. EP is an effective platform for importing foreign advanced power technology and equipment; promoting China’s power equipment to overseas markets; and facilitating cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and foreign power enterprises.

With annual rotation in Beijing and Shanghai in alternate years, EP Shanghai 2013 will be held again at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from October 30 – November 1, 2013 in Shanghai. Exhibiting spaces will be expanding to 35000sqm , including Hall 1 and 2, which expecting for a total of about 800 exhibitors all over the world.

A series of conferences and forum co-organized by the State Grid Corporation of China will be held alongside with the fair, including Smart Grid Forum, Seminar on New Technology, and Report on the Reliability of Major Power Equipment. CEC will organize delegations from power corporations all around China to attend. For more detail, please visit:

» China Electricity Council website

» EP Shanghai 2013 show website

» LIOS技术有限公司诚意邀请您参观第九届上海国际电力设备及技术展览会


Optimum Utilization of Energy Transmission Backbone in Eastern Europe

LIOS DTS - Optimum Utilization of Energy Transmission Backbone in Eastern Europe LIOS Technology successfully provided an integrated thermal monitoring solution for a strategically important interconnection aerial line in Eastern Europe.

The LIOS DTS system was supplied to provide distributed temperature measurement by means of a fibre integrated into a replaced optical phase conductor (OPPC).

The DTS covers the entire 17 km range of the three-core bundle 400kV transmission line. The applied Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry (OFDR) principle ensures a temperature survey even over long distances at the decisive spatial resolution of 1 m.
It provides an invariant spatial resolution along the entire sensor length and a satisfactory temperature resolution of less than 1°C, which ensures early identification and clearly measurement of atypical hotspots (e.g. tower shadows). In addition to the phase conductor temperature, the electrical and metrological data are integral parameters for the established dynamic rating system (RTTR). All data are made online available through the SCADA system of the utility.

The integrated monitoring solution generates:

  • Safety – Avoid and respond appropriately to critical load situations
  • Optimization  – Utilize the existing grid capacity to an optimum
  • Dynamic and Flexibility – With dynamic rating to a flexible energy backbone

Condition Monitoring for Heavy Industry Facility in Northern China

LIOS EN.SURE ChinaRecently, during the frosty winter period in North China the commissioning of a large scale power cable monitoring project was completed for China’s energy demanding heavy industry.  LIOS Technology’s latest EN.SURE technology was selected for this industry project with especially 220 kV high voltage power cable systems, 2 transformer stations and comprehensive installation layouts with both tunnel and outdoor cable tray sections. A total of more than 70 km of fibre optic sensing cable was installed for real time thermal monitoring of the entire high voltage cable circuits. Dynamic cable loads together with extreme weather conditions – both, very hot summers and very cold winters – motivates the owner to operate seamless condition monitoring by distributed temperature sensing (DTS).


전력 온도 감시 광케이블

도체온도 추정시스템 (CTM) – 동적 허용전류 산정 시스템 (DRS)

LIOS EN.SURE at Pyeongtaek Power Plant Korea


Get Set for EN.SURE Condition Monitoring Solutions in Dubai

MEEMiddle East Electricity is the largest platform for industry professionals from over 100 countries worldwide.

  • The biggest names in the global energy industry
  • More than 1,000 exhibitors from over 50 countries
  • More than 17 government-supported country groups & national pavilions
  • Over 46,000sqm of floor space
  • 96% of visitors would recommend Middle East Electricity to their colleagues

If you are involved in sourcing, installing or purchasing products/services for the power, lighting, renewable or nuclear sectors, Middle East Electricity 2013 is the must-attend event for you.

In this show, LIOS proudly presents EN.SURE – the continuous and cost-effective monitoring solution for the electric power transmission and distribution grid which is the key factor for a successful Smart Grid implementation.

LIOS Technology GmbH is pleased to invite you to visit Middle East Electricity 2013, taking place on February 17 – 19, 2013 in Dubai.

Our booth number:  S1 D18

Dubai International Exhibition Centre

LIOS offers full range and highly reliable Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems and Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) solutions for ampacity predictions of energy transmission and distribution assets, consolidating into global condition monitoring solutions:

  • Highly reliable DTS systems with a range of up to 20 km at a single ended multi mode fibre and with a range of up to 40 km at a single ended single mode fibre
  • Customised software solutions for power cable and aerial line real-time monitoring including data storage, visualisation, Dynamic Cable Rating (RTTR) and integration into SCADA systems
  • Fibre optic sensor cables (dielectric), fibre in metal tubes FIMT
  • Full project engineering support during tendering and evaluation phase, commissioning and training on site as well as service and maintenance capabilities
  • Complete cabinet mounted industrial solutions for our fibre optic temperature sensing systems.

Our EN.SURE products are well introduced and accepted by the leading utilities, consultants, contractors and power cable manufacturers active in the Middle East. LIOS is here to help you applying the latest global condition monitoring solutions for all of your energy transmission and distribution systems applications.

We look forward to seeing you in Dubai!


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