Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Monitoring for Oil & Gas Production & Reservoir Engineering

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Technology is the key driver in the quest for greater efficiency. In the oil and gas industry, there is keen interest and high demand for low-cost, reliable, and easily installable systems to enhance downhole production and recovery.
Trusted partner
Distributed Temperature Sensing Systems have shown great promise for helping the Oil & Gas industry meet the global demand for energy. LIOS Technology GmbH – a trusted partner to the Oil & Gas industry and a leading expert in fiber optic sensing technology – has unleashed the potential for this technology on a number of exciting oil well projects in the Far-East. Along with Integrated Intelligent Smart Well Service Company, the team has successfully developed downhole temperature sensing systems that meet the sector’s unique requirements for performance, cost-effectiveness, and systems feasibility.

Field-proven reliability

Oil reservoirs represent a harsh environment for sensitive electronic components. Equipment deployed downhole must be able to perform 100 % reliably while withstanding heat, pressure, moisture, vibration, and corrosion. Breakdowns can cause unacceptable delays and lost output costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. LIOS Technology offers the most reliable and functional continuous downhole temperature sensing and logging system available for both simple and complex wells. Our modulebased system and open standard protocols enable us to offer you customized solutions for your unique needs.


  • Impressive track record – more than 2000 successful fixed installations in more than 80 countries on all continents
  • Dependable and field proven system design – no sensitive electronic components or power supply downhole, only the Fiber Optic cable acting as the sensor
  • Rugged and durable semiconductor laser diode sensor. Fulfils Telcordia GR-468 quality standard with average product lifetime of 25+ years
  • Patented OFDR technology (MM or SM) based on Raman effect delivers temperature readings accurate to within ± 0.06° C (±0.1 F) and 0.5 m (1.5 ft) along the entire sensor length from distances up to 30 km (98425 ft) away
  • Market leading calibration features like automated point calibration using 3 rd party temperature source, multi fiber segment calibration and double ended calibration operation mode
  • Low-cost third-party optical pressure gauges can be added using the same fiber optic cable for even more detailed measurements
  • The multichannel LIOS DTS unit can accommodate up to 8 independent fibers, enabling comprehensive surveillance and Real Time Field Management (RTFM) of multiple wells
  • Entirely self-contained DTS unit transmits measurement data via cyber secure, TLS encrypted link to remote SCADA database systems. No on-site PC to power or hack into
  • No need to visit well-site to collect data
  • Entire DTS system is independently certified for quality by VdS [the German asset insurers association] and many other international certifying bodies

LIOS Downhole Sensing -24/7 Data-to-Desk

24/7 Data-to-Desk – Easy to install and integrate
Here at LIOS Technology, our goal is to deliver optimal communication solutions to you. We supply your specialists with accurate and real-time information delivered to their desks round-the-clock so that critical decisions can be made immediately. LIOS Technology can easily and economically interface its DTS temperature and pressure measurement system with your system to create a fully Data-to-Desk solution customized to your needs.


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