Smart Grid starts at TPC 345kV substation in Taiwan

LIOS Power Cable MonitoringState-run Taiwan Power Co. (TPC) has equipped its 345kV substation HouLi with a real time condition monitoring DTS system providing current ratings and ampacity predictions. A rugged fiber optic sensor cable is attached to all phases of the 4 cable systems, the tie lines as well as the outdoor terminations for real time distributed temperature sensing. Furthermore, the substation’s service tunnels are controlled by DTS in order to activate forced ventilation.

LIOS Technology has provided its integrated Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) solution which offers real time ampacity predictions and emergency ratings based on the actual temperature readings and the mathematical model of each configured cable section following the IEC 60287 and IEC 60853 international standards. LIOS’ dynamic cable rating system is a powerful tool for steady state and even transient operations to derive the conductor temperatures of each high voltage power cable phase. Based on the thermal history of the monitored circuits RTTR indicate emergency ratings to ensure save and stable grid operation even during peak hours and dynamic load demands.

By adding continuous and cost – effective monitoring of the electric transmission and distribution grid TPC consequently follows its Smart Grid strategy and helps to utilize electrical energy more efficiently.

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