LIOS Technology – Company Milestones – 10 Years On

The year 2010 marks the 10th year for LIOS Technology in the industry. The formal company launch dates back to August 2000. LIOS is a true story of successful innovation, which has reached its ambitious goals by being creative, responsive and agile. This list of exciting events and projects mark certainly the important milestones of LIOS’ first decade of history.

Official Launch of LIOS Technology GmbH, 01.08.2000
Based on initiated development work at Felten & Guilleaume LIOS was launched to market its fibre optic sensing solutions actively for T&D assets, fire detection and oil/gas exploration.
Mont Blanc Tunnel, 30.4.2001
Tunnel operators have chosen the LIOS fire detection system for the Mont Blanc tunnel where the disaster in 1999 triggered a widespread public debate.
FibroLaser II® Protecting Bangkok Metro, 15.7.2001
LIOS Technology and Siemens BT Fire Safety are proud to supply FibroLaser II® for the surveillance of some 50 km underground tunnels in Thailand.
World Premiere of the New Optical Coil Protection System, 10.6.2003
OTTO JUNKER GmbH and LIOS Technology GmbH have concluded a research and development contract for monitoring refractory linings of induction furnaces. In the meantime the system has an impressive track record and reached excellent market reputation: Crucible cracks and erosion are detected and localised reliably and precisely and normal refractory wear is under close control.
Dynamic Rating of a 145 kV XLPE Power Cable in Sao Paulo, 20.12.2004
LIOS Technology provides its multi-channel distributed temperature measurement system to AES Eletropaulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil for dynamic power cable ampacity monitoring – it is the first installation of that kind in entire South America.
Permanent Downhole Temperature Sensing – A Success even for Low Cost Wells, 23.08.2005
In a pilot project initiated by Shell International Exploration and Production (SIEP) with LIOS Technology the feasibility and economic added value of permanent downhole temperature sensing has been successfully demonstrated in a number of recently deployed on- and offshore projects.
10km Within Reach! , 21.11.2005
LIOS Technology introduces its next generation temperature sensing instrument. The new product series delivers increased performance and an extended measurement range of up to 10 kilometres at a single end multimode fibre.
Beijing Olympics 2008 – Enhanced Power Grid Monitored by LIOS, 7.6.2006
Commissioning of LIOS’ power cable monitoring systems was completed at Beijing, China. The newly built 220 kV circuits supply the Olympic Park and are operated by Beijing Electric Power Corporation.
RTTR Went On-line in Stockholm, 23.10.2006
Together with Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) a parallel run of 245 kV cables installed in a tunnel near Stockholm (Sweden) is being continuously rated by RTTR. Real time temperature and current readings serve to compute the temperature of the conductor and perform emergency ratings looking into the future.
Setting Standards for Highly Reliable DTS Performance, 19.12.2007
The LIOS OFDR design and its industrial production set standards in reliable DTS performance and smooth operation. Excellent Mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) figures of 28 years were reached based on the latest statistical field analysis of the current DTS product series.
LIOS Head Office Moves Premises, 5.10.2008
LIOS Technology GmbH is excited to announce that due to the expansion of the company and to allow for future growth, our Head Office moves premises in October 2008.
Investments in Smartgrid Technologies Encourage LIOS to Open US office, 1.9.2009
LIOS Technology announces that it has opened an office in Morganville, New Jersey to service the growing demand for distributed temperature solutions in the United States.
Dynamic Wind Farm Load Patterns Recorded by Long Range DTS, 15.10.2009
The biggest Danish utility owner has successfully completed the installation of LIOS’ Single Mode DTS equipment to monitor the power cable temperature of an offshore UK wind farm.
Turnkey Solutions for Various Markets, 01.08.2010
Building on an innovative development in the field of fibre optic sensor engineering, LIOS Technology provides turnkey solutions in various markets for modern asset management and global condition monitoring. Our comprehensive product line of DTS systems based on multimode and singlemode fibres with ranges up to 30 km and 16 channel multiplexing have become a well accepted and powerful tool in the power industry, in fire detection and downhole well monitoring.

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